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What Does Our    Club Crescendo Do ?

Crescendo acts as a representative body embodying unity, purpose & connection amongst members & students for the everlasting journey ahead in spheres of learning & knowledge. We both generate multitudinous opportunities as well as serve as the connecting link between the student body & other opportunities existing beyond. Serving as the facilitating body increasing college exposure in preeminent platforms for the enhanced performance of the institution as a whole, Crescendo is committed to make a positive impact on our campus community and beyond.

Welcome to    Crescendo

The vibrant and dynamic club Of Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College, where passion meets purpose and creativity flourishes. As one of the most active and inclusive clubs on campus, we are dedicated to fostering growth, connections, & creating unforgettable experiences for our students.

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Our Mission

At Crescendo, our mission is to foster the spirit of youth by securing the connection between students & opportunities in diverse realms of art, culture & academia throughout the college premises and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just discovering your interests, we ensure that your aspirations to reach greater heights are invariably celebrated, motivated and unobstructedly facilitated.

Message from the President

Being the student head representative of Crescendo, my responsibility is to serve as a liaison between the club and other student organizations & campus stakeholders. I'll continue to oversee all the operations and activities of the club and ensure that the club achieves its goals & objectives effciently so that the demands & wishes of our students are met effectively.

David Sarkar

President of Crescendo

Risha Ghosh

Secretary of Crescendo

Message from the Secretary

Being the position parallel to the president, my responsibility is to serve as a representative of the Crescendo to external student & campus stakeholders. I'll continue to manage & maintain the correspondence and communications within the club & with external parties and assist the president with administrative tasks as needed for the seamless operation of all our objectives.






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Core Offerings

The club offers many skill development events and also hosts multiple activities which not only improves the skill of anyone but also help them in the latter future.

Engaging Events

From EduFairs and seminars to competitions and exhibitions,we host a diverse range of events throughout the year to cater to every interest and passion.

Skill Development

Whether you want to sharpen your leadership skills or enhance your exposure, our club offers vibrant oppurtinities for academic and extracurricular growth through MUN events, GD events and various other wings.

Information and Awareness

Performing as an active information body between students and oppurtinities available through various regular publications both online and offline.

Club Accomplishments

The club has cultivated an environment conducive to nurturing student aspirations, ensuring that pathways to opportunities are never blocked. To date, we have organised a multitude of competitions spanning various disciplines including public speaking, art, and creative writing. We have published a comprehensive magazine that chronicles the myriad events, functions, competitions, seminars, and workshops that have graced our college campus over the past year. Additionally, we have commemorated significant international occasions such as World Environment Day and have hosted insightful seminars that have raised meaningful awareness and meaningful conversations. Our achievements thus far stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication, and we are poised for even greater accomplishments in the future.

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Extempore Competition

An Extempore Competiton was organised by our club on the topic gender sensitisation on 9th April 2024,from 12 noon in room no 226 of our college,many students actively participated in it and made the event flourish.

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Women's Day at Bhairab Ganguly College

Women's Day at Bhairab Ganguly College on 20th March 2024, from 12 noon , the female members of crescendo were nominated for presenting a poster in Bhairab Ganguly College.

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May 02

Othello recreational drama organised by Crescendo.